Welcome to some brand new rose petals!

Our Blushing Bride freeze dried rose petals with their beautiful, delicate colouring in cream & pink shades, are already proving a firm favourite.

The freeze dried rose petals are 100% natural, the colours are natural (no dye added) & the confetti is naturally perfumed (no perfumes added). They're better for the environment & are generally accepted by churches / venues.

The rose petals are purpose grown on a farm in Europe. The petals are harvested by hand to prevent damage. After the petals have been picked, the freeze-drying process begins. The petals go into freeze dryers and all the moisture is removed from the petals whilst they are frozen. This part of the process takes several weeks to complete. There's a lot of skill, care & hard work goes into producing our premium rose petals.

The freeze dried rose petals can vary in size - with some more petite while others are large petals. As the freeze dried rose petals are a larger sized petal, they work equally well as throwing confetti or for venue decoration such as on tables at your reception or to create the pathway or aisle.

Why not try them out with a mini sample - the mini sample sachets contain a FEW petals to enable you to view the colour & quality of the product prior to purchase (please note, this is literally a few petals as a sample, they are not intended for use.

We offer a wide range of purchase options from half a litre, to 10 litres, with volume discounts already incorporated into the pricing:
Half Litre
provides approx 5 handfuls (or fill 5 of our cones)
1 Litre
provides approx 10 handfuls (or fill 10 of our cones)
2 Litres
provides approx 20 handfuls (or fill 20 of our cones)
3 Litres
provides approx 30 handfuls (or fill 30 of our cones)
4 Litres
provides approx 40 handfuls (or fill 40 of our cones)
5 Litres
provides approx 50 handfuls (or fill 50 of our cones)
6 Litres
provides approx 60 handfuls (or fill 60 of our cones)
7 Litres
provides approx 70 handfuls (or fill 70 of our cones)
8 Litres
provides approx 80 handfuls (or fill 80 of our cones)
9 Litres
provides approx 90 handfuls (or fill 90 of our cones)
10 Litres
provides approx 100 handfuls (or fill 100 of our cones)

View the full details of our Blushing Bride freeze dried rose petals here