We understand that you want your special day to be perfect. That’s why we offer our sample service so you can be sure our natural petal confetti compliments your chosen colour scheme & gives you the opportunity to view the petals or personalised product prior to placing your order.

We have two types of samples available...

Samples of Personalised / Custom Made to Order Items:

All of our personalised/custom made to order products give you the option to view an example product before you commit to a larger order.

To view a sample of one of our personalised/custom made to order items - such as a confetti cone, personalised envelopes, pops, little organza bags etc - you can purchase a sample directly from the product page of the item you are interested in purchasing. Full details regarding the sample service can be viewed in the details on the item's product page.

Please note: samples are not personalised, they will feature random details & are for example purpose only.

What you will receive:

An example of your chosen product to view.

A copy of the Print Colour Chart so you can view the ink colour choices for personalistion (for products that have print options).

A discount coupon which can be used should you go on to place an order with us. 

Sample Packs

Sample Packs let you purchase a selection of mini samples of the confetti petals in your chosen colours. Before you add the Sample Pack listing to your shopping basket, simply select the names of the confetti colours you wish to view from the dropdown lists on the product page - you are welcome to include UP TO 5 confetti colours to be included in your pack.

What you will receive:

A set of sachets containing mini samples of your chosen confetti colours along with an info leaflet relating to the petal types included in your pack.

You will also receive a discount coupon which can be used if you go on to place an order with us.

You can purchase a Sample Pack via this link - Dried Petal Confetti Sample Pack 

Please note: we do not offer refunds for samples