Our Dried Petals

With more & more wedding venues prohibiting the use of traditional tissue wedding confetti, dried petals have become an increasingly popular choice by wedding couples. Dried petals are eco-friendly ... they're 100% natural with no pesticides, perfumes or dyes added and biodegradable making them a great alternative to traditional wedding confetti.

Our dried petals are an elegant confetti that makes the perfect accompaniment for your big day. Ideal for use as throwing confetti, but also great for table or venue decoration and flower girl baskets too.

Meet our petals ...

Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Our premium confetti range. What makes our freeze-dried petals so special ...

The process of freeze-drying produces fantastic results with petals that don't shrink, they retain their shape, and they don't discolour, retaining their stunning colour. They almost appear like fresh petals ... but you don't have to worry about a last-minute delivery and they don't need to be refrigerated. Making them more convenient and less stressful!

The rose petals are purpose grown on a farm in Europe. The petals are harvested by hand to prevent damage. After the petals have been picked, the freeze-drying process begins. The petals go into freeze dryers and all the moisture is removed from the petals whilst they are frozen. This part of the process takes several weeks to complete. There's a lot of skill, care & hard work goes into producing our premium rose petals.

The freeze dried rose petals can vary in size - with some more petite while others are large petals. As the freeze dried rose petals are a larger sized petal, they work equally well as throwing confetti or for venue decoration such as on tables at your reception or to create the pathway or aisle.

Our petal guidance for the freeze dried rose petals ...
Freeze Dried Rose Petal Volume Guidance


(or to give it its full name Larkspur Consolida)
Larkspur can also be referred to as Delphinium. Larkspur dried petal confetti is not a budget confetti - it is a luxury product. What is it that makes larkspur confetti special ...

The larkspur flowers are purpose grown on a farm right here in the UK. They are handpicked to minimise bruising and air dried naturally so the petals keep their colours beautifully with no dyes added. There's a lot of time, care & hard work goes in to create our luxury wedding confetti.

Delphinium / Larkspur is a small petal - roughly 1cm tall - although the size does vary slightly between the different colours.

Freeze Dried Hydrangea

The newest addition to the petal family! Our freeze dried hydrangea petals are purpose grown in Holland and freeze dried leaving stunning colours and softer feel petal. The hydrangea petals usually come as a mix of petal clusters and individual petals. 

The Budget Petals

The budget confetti petals make a great alternative to the more expensive, luxury petal wedding confetti. Why are they cheaper than other confetti? In general, the budget petals tend to be a little more brittle than a luxury dried petal & as such don't retain their petal shape the same as other products - the petals can be broken pieces rather than full petals, and there may be a bit more dustiness in the bag too (we strive to remove as much of this as possible prior to sending, but there will be some remaining, this is just the of the nature of these petals).

The budget petals are also heavier than the luxury petals, so will fall to the
ground differently when thrown - the heavier petals will fall similar to rice when thrown. If you want more of a ‘flutter’ effect, then our luxury petals, which are much more light-weight will be a better fit for you.

All that said, they still work great as confetti & retain all the eco-friendly perks of dried petal confetti. They're eco-friendly, 100% natural & biodegradable & widely accepted by churches & venues. The budget petals...


Our Calendula petals are usually sourced from China. Calendula petals have a vibrant golden orange / yellow colouring and the shade can vary from one crop to another. Calendula petal sizing is roughly around 2cm in length x 0.5cm width They have a long thin shape. They are highly fragrant & are best mixed with other petals (they tend to clump together if they are on their own). Creating stunning confetti mixes with vibrant flashes of colour.

Heat-dried Rose Petals

Our heat-dried rose petals are sourced from China. There are two different sizes in the heat-dried rose petals. Rosie Posie petals are small, generally around 1cm tall. They have stunning bold colouring & are highly fragrant. Love Affair has a larger petal size roughly 4cm tall making them equally suited to venue decoration as well as throwing confetti.


(Jasminum Officinale)
Our jasmine petals are sourced from an organic tea plantation in China. Yes, they are originally intended for use as tea! But we think they work just as fabulous as one of our budget wedding confetti petals. PLEASE NOTE: OUR PETALS ARE NOT INTENDED FOR FOOD USE.

Jasmine petals are small (most are around 1cm x 0.5cm) with a delicate, cream / pale yellow colouring & natural fragrance. Jasmine petals may be used on their own for a rustic petal confetti, but we think the jasmine petals are perfect for creating a confetti mixes.


Our lavender grain is sourced either from a family farm in Yorkshire, UK or Provence, France - depending on the time of year & availability.

The lavender grain is highly fragranced and has a delicate blue / lilac / grey colouring. Lavender grain works equally well on its own or mixed with other petals.

Volume of Petals ...

The petals are measured in litres. They're measured in a good old fashioned kitchen measuring jug ... loosely filled with petals to the 1/2 litre or 1 litre mark (they are not pressed down as this will damage the petals) & gently tipped into its packaging ready for dispatch.

Why are they measured in litres rather than weight?
Petals vary in weight depending on their size & the type of petal - plus other factors can influence the weight too (like, believe it or not, the weather conditions for the crop - how wet or dry the weather is can make the petals lighter or heavier in weight), so volume is a much more reliable measurement.

How much confetti will I need?

Dried Petal Confetti Volume Guidance

1 litre of petals will normally fill around 10 standard confetti cones (or provide 10 handfuls) ... depending on how generous you want to be. The guidance for hydrangea is a little different, and we would say 8-10 handfuls / cones per litre.

Standard cones are roughly around 17 cm tall x 5 cm across the opening at the top - they hold around 100ml volume.

FYI ...If you already have your cones, you can test the volume by filling with a dried food (such as rice) & tipping into a measuring container to read the volume.

Please be aware if you are purchasing flat-packed manufactured cones for DIY assembly, these are often quite large - so will require more petals to fill (sometimes they require 50-100% more volume to fill). It's definitely worth testing the volume to work out how much your cones hold.

It's not normally considered necessary to cater for the full quantity of guests. Not all your guests will participate with throwing confetti. As a guide - generally only around half the guests throw confetti (stereotypical comment alert, but usually the ladies!). However, it may be worth having a chat with your venue to see how they organise confetti throwing - if they try to get everyone involved then this might influence how much confetti you wish to provide.

Storage of Petals ...

In many cases, dried petal confetti can keep for up to one year provided they are stored carefully. However, we usually recommend you purchase for delivery around 4-12 weeks prior to your wedding/event date. If you have your petals delivered further ahead, you may find you experience some deterioration of your petals, in particular, the colour. You can, of course, purchase whenever you are ready and ask us to delay dispatch of your order with our Pre-Order Service (more details towards the bottom of this page) - so that you don't need to worry about long term storage.

So, what are the correct storage conditions? We advise the petals be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. The light will fade your petals & humidity encourages the petals to biodegrade.



Biodegradable Packaging

We package our petals in eco-friendly packaging that made from sustainably sourced cardboard with a natural starch window. It is fully biodegradable.
The box sizes:
The half litre box measures approx 14cm x 14cm x 4.5cm
The 1 litre box measures approx 20cm x 15cm x 4.5cm
The 5 litre box measures approx 31cm x 22.5cm x 8cm
The 10 litre box measures approx 45cm x 31cm x 8cm

Did you know we offer a Pre-Order Service?

If you're looking to purchase your petals now, but your wedding's not for a few months, you can ask us to delay dispatch & we'll post your petals 4 weeks prior to your wedding date (or 8 weeks if you're international). That way you can tick a job off the list without having to worry about storage of your petals & you'll know that you'll have 'fresh' petals that look great on your big day.

You can read full details of our Pre-Order Service via this link.