Petal Storage

In many cases, dried petal confetti can keep for up to one year (or longer) provided they are stored carefully. The exception to this is the freeze-dried petals - they are much more susceptible to the biodegrading process, so we wouldn't recommend you purchase these too far in advance. We usually recommend you purchase for delivery around 3-6 weeks prior to your wedding/event date. If you have your petals delivered further ahead, you may find you experience some deterioration of your petals, in particular, the colour.

You can, of course, purchase whenever you are ready and ask us to delay dispatch of your order with our Pre-Order Service so that you can tick a job off the list, without having to worry about long-term storage of your petals.

So, what are the correct storage conditions?

The petals must be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. The light will fade your petals & heat, humidity & moisture will encourage the biodegrading process.