Wedding Confetti

100% natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable dried petal confetti

Dried Petal Wedding Confetti

All our dried petals are 100% natural with no perfumes or dyes added.
They're fully biodegradable making them eco-friendly wedding confetti that's widely accepted by churches & venues.

Clear Confetti Envelopes

Crafted using recycled cardstock, compostable envelopes & biodegradable petals

Confetti Cones

Handcrafted cones created from 100% recycled cardstock

Glassine Envelopes

Glassine paper is 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable & is created from sustainably managed forests
Crafted from recycled cardstock in a choice of four colours.
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Crafted on biodegradable, glossy white sticker paper. they're perfect for confetti favours
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