Eco-friendly Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging for our products

Loose Confetti Petals Packaging

Most of our products are now sent out in plastic bags that can be recycled:

Mini Sample Sachets

1 Litre (no frills)

5 Litres

7.5 Litres

10 Litres

15 Litres

Simply pop into your recycling (check local facilities) and the bag can be made into something new!

Compostable Envelopes

Confetti Envelopes & Individual Portions

Our 'Individual Portions' & clear envelopes with personalised & custom made backing cards are presented in a compostable plastic envelope.

Biofilm (compostable) Envelope: Biofilm (PLA - Poly-Lactic-Acid) is created from corn, potato or other starch/sugar sources.

Please don't confuse biofilm with oxo-degradable plastics which do not degrade in landfill. Biofilm is FULLY BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE. This process can happen in either commercial or home composting or landfill. The biodegrading process will take around 45 days & the film breaks down into CO2, H2O & ecotoxic free biomass (compost).

Please note: Biofilm is not suitable for disposal via plastic recycling bins as it is created from renewable plant materials, not petrochemicals!

The plan for 2022: Over the coming year we will be gradually transitioning over to biodegradable / compostable plastic packaging for all our loose confetti petals.