Eco-friendly Packaging

We use biodegradable plastic packaging

Our Biodegradable Plastic Packaging

We are very pleased to say that all of our products are now sent out in biodegradable plastic bags.

Our biodegradable bags are created from Biofilm.

Biofilm (PLA - Poly-Lactic-Acid) is created from corn, potato or other starch/sugar sources.

Please don't confuse biofilm with oxo-degradable plastics which do not degrade in landfill. Biofilm is FULLY BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE. This process can happen in either commercial or home composting or landfill. The biodegrading process will take around 45 days & the film breaks down into CO2, H2O & ecotoxic free biomass (compost).

Please note: Biofilm is not suitable for disposal via plastic recycling bins as it is created from renewable plant materials, not petrochemicals!


Compostable Envelopes