Pre-Order Service

If you're looking to purchase your petals now, but your wedding's not for a few months ... you can ask us to delay dispatch and we'll post your petals 4 weeks prior to your wedding date (or 8 weeks if you're international). That way you can tick a job off the list without having to worry about a product being out of stock, or long term storage of your petals and you'll know that you'll have petals that look great on your big day.

The Pre-Order Service is particularly useful if you're wanting to purchase some of our personalised or crafted-to-order products. These products require some preparation time prior to dispatch and we can become fully booked at busy times, such as peak wedding season. The Pre-Order Service allows you to get booked into our diary in plenty of time and avoid any last-minute disappointment.

Please note: if you select the Pre-Order Service on one or more items in your order, delayed dispatch will apply to all of the items within that order - all items are sent together in one package. If you wish to purchase some items with delayed dispatch and some items for dispatch immediately, you will need to place two separate orders.

If you select the Pre-Order Service and your wedding date is around 4 weeks or less than away, it's not necessary to book your order into the diary - in this case, the Pre-Order Service is not necessary and we will simply pop you into the regular queue for dispatch.

How do I use the Pre-Order Service ...

You can now opt into the Pre-Order Service directly from an item page.
Just before you Add to Cart, it asks ...
Pre-Order Service: Would you like to delay dispatch?
Simply select the
'Yes Please'
option, then enter your wedding date in the box

Please take a few moments to double check the date you've entered is correct!

Once we receive your order, we'll pop it onto the calendar around 4 weeks before your wedding date (or 8 weeks if you're international) & send you an email to confirm the Pre-Order with details of the date your order is scheduled for dispatch (if you don't see an email, check your spam/junk folder as they sometimes go in there).

If you have any questions regarding the Pre-Order Service or Payment Plans, you can Contact us.