Customer Gallery

We always love to receive photos from our customers to see our gorgeous petals & products in action on the big day ... and all the crafty ways they are used too! Here, you can view some of the fabulous images that our customers have been lovely enough to share with us

If you would like to share a photo with us to feature on our customer gallery, please email


Rachel, January 2022

Shared this fun confetti moment with us! Photo credit @jonnygouldstonephoto

Amber, September 2022

We absolutely love this photograph - so much fun! Amber purchased our Cool Summer petal mix

Sabrina, May 2022

Sabrina created a custom confetti mix by mixing Lavender Grain with our Enchanted petals

Jessica, May 2022

A gorgeous confetti photo shared with us. We love to see our Pretty in Pink rose petals in action!

Kristina, June 2022

A beautiful confetti moment. Kristina purchased our Watercolour Leaf Throw Me Glassine Envelopes filled with dried petals


Sophie, August 2021

Sarah shared this amazing photo of their confetti moment, captured by @thevedrinesphoto

Charlotte, August 2021

Charlotte purchased our glossy white Whimsical Throw Me stickers & shared how she used them on her big day


Sarah uses our dried petals when crafting her candles @_blossomcandles_

Caroline, July 2021

'Lovely confetti and great customer service. I used the confetti from my daughters wedding as a keepsake for and it was perfect.'

Jade, July 2021

Jade used the Happy Tears stickers from our Watercolour Leaf range to create these cute tissue sachets


Charlotte, June 2020

Charlotte uses our Delphinium & Wildflower petals in her candle making

Rebecca, August 2020

'We were having the first date night in months since having a baby and I bought the sample size which was perfect go sprinkle on our table'

Amber, October 2020

'Cannot thank you enough!!! It was perfect and thank you so much for making sure I got this on time after I left it hideously late.'

Wendy, November 2020

Our Initials confetti cones, all ready for the big day

Lis, November 2020

'Perfect for candle making decorations!'


Eriko, June 2019

'Thank you Nichola for your amazing confetti! I bought paper confetti cannons and replaced the contents with your delphinium petals (mixed 2 different mixes) and it worked perfectly as I dreamed, shown in a picture below! The weather was horrendous with thunderstorms this day in south of Sweden but your confetti absolutely nailed it!'

Lisa, March 2019

'Yep! These are as cute as I hoped they would be ! I would 100% recommend these!'

Aurial, 2019

Aurial purchased customised glassine envelopes. She shared how they presented the sachets on her big day

Aurial, 2019

And, the confetti in action too!

Holly, June 2019

'Very pleased with this confetti thank you'