How much confetti will I need?

Some General Things to Consider:

Number of guests

    It's not generally thought that you need to supply confetti for your full number of guests ... as a guide, generally only around half the guests throw confetti (a sweeping statement, but - usually the ladies!) In other words, not all guests will participate in throwing confetti. Maybe have a little think about your guests & try to work out who is likely to join in with confetti & who will not. You may also want to have a chat with your venue to find out how they organise the confetti throwing, just in case they try to encourage everyone to join in. This might give you a rough idea of how many guests to cater for.

    Size of your confetti cones 

      Our handcrafted cones hold around 100ml of petals. But, if you're purchasing from elsewhere ... standard cones are roughly around 17 cm tall x 5 cm across the opening at the top and they hold around 100ml volume.
      FYI ...If you already have your cones, you can test the volume by filling with a dried food (such as rice) & tipping into a measuring container to read the volume.
      Please be aware if you are purchasing flat-packed manufactured cones for DIY assembly, these are often quite large - so will require more petals to fill (sometimes they require 50-100% more volume to fill).

      How to calculate ...

      Dried Petal Confetti Volume Guidance
      1 litre will fill around 10 standard confetti cones (or 10 handfuls) ... depending on how generous you want to be. This means that 1 litre allows one generous (or two small handfuls) for 10 people.

      Here's an Example Calculation:

      If you want to cater for 50 guests to have one handful each (or one cone full each) - remember that 1 litre = 10 portions - so that's 5 litres to allow for 50 handfuls.

      How to calculate the freeze dried rose petals for other uses

      Table decoration:
        1 litre of petals will create a light sprinkling over up to 5 tables seating around 8-10 guests depending on how generous you want to be.
        Flower girl basket:
          Approx 1-2 litres depending on the distance she'll be scattering petals over.
          Aisle scattering:
            For a light sprinkling each side of aisle allow around 1 litre per metre.
            For a light sprinkling across whole width of aisle allow around 2 litres per metre.