Save with our DIY purchase options

Our confetti envelopes now come with a DIY purchase option - perfect if you're looking for ways to save when wedding buying & don't mind doing a bit of the leg-work yourself!

So, what do you get with the DIY option?

The kit comes with the clear envelopes, the backing cards (printed with the advertised design) & the clear round seals for closing the envelopes.

The difference is, there's NO CONFETTI INCLUDED & you'll need to finish assembling the envelopes yourself.

You can purchase confetti of your choice - we'd love for you to purchase it from us, but this is not compulsory! FYI You will need approx 40-50ml of confetti petals per envelope (that's around 20 envelopes per litre)

Once your DIY envelope kit & your confetti arrives, simply fill the envelopes & use the clear stickers to seal. All done!