Gorgeous Confetti Moment

We love getting photos from our customers capturing their confetti moment. This one from Sophie (Aug 2021) is particularly stunning! Thanks, Sophie for sharing it with us (photo credit @thevedrinesphoto).

Sophie's confetti photo - photo credit @thevedrinesphoto

Sophie purchased a set of our custom made, glassine envelopes filled with delphinium dried petal wedding confetti petals.

The delphinium flowers are purpose grown on a farm right here in the UK. They are handpicked to minimise bruising & air dried naturally so the petals keep their colours beautifully with no dyes added. In fact, the petals are 100% natural ... they are pesticide-free, the colours are natural (no dye added) & the confetti is naturally perfumed. The delphinium dried petals are eco-friendly & completely biodegradable making them a great alternative to traditional wedding confetti that is generally accepted by churches / venues.

Plus, the glassine envelopes are eco-friendly too! Glassine paper is environmentally-friendly: it is 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable & is created from sustainably managed forests.

Our custom made & personalised glassine confetti envelopes are sealed with one of our sticker designs. The stickers can feature quirky phrases such as 'Throw Me' or personalised details such as the names of the wedding couple & wedding date.