Make it a bundle

Add confetti to your cones & receive discounted rates on qualifying purchases.

We've changed the way we sell our confetti & cone bundles so that you can choose from our full range of confetti petals!


Purchase options to qualify for the discount:

For a set of 10 cones you'll need 1 Litre of petals

For a set of 20 cones you'll need 2 Litres of petals 

(we don't sell a 2 litre bag of petals - so you will need to add 2X 1 Litre bags of confetti)

For a set of 50 cones you'll need 5 Litres of petals

For a set of 75 cones you'll need 7.5 Litres of petals

For a set of 100 cones you'll need 10 Litres of petals

These guidelines are based on each cone containing about 100ml of confetti petals

We've put together a handy step-by-step guide below:

Choose your design of cones & fill out the purchase options including any necessary personalisation details in the normal way.


Select your cone design

Continue shopping ...

Browse the site & choose your confetti petals. 

Remember to choose the confetti volume that matches with the quantity of cones you've selected - in our example we've selected a set of 50 cones, so we need to purchase 5 litres of confetti to qualify for the bundle discount.


Select your confetti petals

Once you have both the cones & the confetti in your cart, provided that you have the appropriate quantity of confetti to match the quantity of cones, the discount will be applied automatically when you go to your cart to checkout.

Discount applied in cart


Cones & confetti must be purchased together in one transaction.

If you have a discount coupon (for example, if you've received a coupon with samples) you may also use this for a further discount.

Discount is not valid on items that are on sale.

Other combinations to create qualifying confetti volumes -

5 litres can also be made by purchasing 5X 1 Litre portions

10 litres can also be made by purchasing 10X 1 Litre portions or 2X 5 Litre portions

If you have any questions regarding the bundles & how to receive the discount, please contact me for help.