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Clear Envelopes 10 x 14cm Biofilm Biodegradable Compostable

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Clear biofilm envelopes. Perfect for DIY wedding confetti envelopes or favours. Our clear envelopes are made from biofilm, compostable plastic. Biofilm (PLA - Poly-Lactic-Acid) is created from corn, potato or other starch/sugar sources & is fully biodegradable in compost or landfill. For full details see below...

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A perfect idea for the DIY bride! Save money & put your confetti portions / wedding favours together yourself.

Our clear envelopes are made from biofilm, compostable plastic.

Biofilm (PLA - Poly-Lactic-Acid) is created from corn, potato or other starch/sugar sources.

Please don't confuse biofilm with oxo-degradable plastics which do not degrade in landfill. Biofilm is FULLY BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE. This process can happen in either commercial or home composting or landfill. The biodegrading process will take around 45 days & the film breaks down into CO2, H2O & ecotoxic free biomass (compost).

Please note: Biofilm is not suitable for disposal via plastic recycling bins as it is created from renewable plant materials, not petrochemicals!

Storage of biofilm envelopes...

Avoid prolonged exposure to humidity, excessive heat, moisture & light to maximise shelf life. Please note, if an envelope is splashed with water they don't start to degrade immediately - if wiped off straight away, it should do no harm!



Each envelope measures approx 10cm wide x 14cm high when the flap is closed. Each envelope has a 2.7cm flap

FYI: The envelopes will hold around 100ml of our petal confetti ... that's around 1 litre of confetti for every 10 envelopes. Providing a generous handful / 2 small handfuls of confetti per guest. 


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Available in sets of 10, 25 or 50



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