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Posted by Nichola on 1/11/2019 to Petal Information

With more & more wedding venues prohibiting the use of traditional tissue wedding confetti, dried petals have become an increasingly popular choice by brides. Dried petals are eco-friendly ... they're 100% natural & biodegradable making them a great alternative to traditional wedding confetti.

We are super-excited to introduce the newest addition to our petal family ... freeze-dried rose petals

Dried Petal Company - Freeze Dried Rose Petal Confetti Guide

Our freeze dried rose petals make an elegant confetti that's the perfect accompaniment for your big day. Due to the size of petal, we particularly recommend our freeze-dried rose petals for decoration such as on tables at your reception venue or to create the pathway or aisle. As they are super light-weight, they can also be used as throwing confetti to shower the happy couple.

What makes our premium dried petal confetti so special...

The process of freeze-drying produces fantastic results with petals that don't shrink, they retain their shape, they don't discolour & feel soft to the touch. They almost appear like fresh petals ... but you don't have to worry about a last-minute delivery & they don't need to be refrigerated. Making them more convenient & less stressful!

The rose petals are purpose grown on a family farm in the US. After the petals are carefully harvested to prevent damage, the freeze-drying process begins. Now for the technical part! The petals go into freeze dryers & all the moisture is removed from the petals whilst they are frozen. The petals are kept frozen & under vacuum for 7-10 days followed by vacuum alone for an additional 7 days. There's a lot of skill, care & hard work goes into producing our premium rose petals.

Dried petal confetti is better for the environment & are generally accepted by churches / venues. The freeze dried rose petals are completely natural with no perfumes or dyes added.

The Freeze Dried Rose Petal Colours (2019)

Freeze Dried Rose Petals Colour Chart

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