The Petal Story ... Delphinium & Wildflower

Posted by Nichola on 1/9/2019 to Petal Information

With more & more wedding venues prohibiting the use of traditional tissue wedding confetti, dried petals have become an increasingly popular choice by brides. Dried petals are eco-friendly ... they're 100% natural & biodegradable making them a great alternative to traditional wedding confetti.

Our dried petals are an elegant confetti that makes the perfect accompaniment for your big day. Ideal for use as throwing confetti, but also great for table decoration, or flower girl baskets too. 

Dried Petal Company - Delphinium and Wildflower Petal Confetti Guide

What makes the delphinium & wildflower dried petal confetti special...

Delphinium & wildflower dried petal confetti is not a budget confetti - it is a luxury product. This is not like creating something in a mould in a factory. The delphinium & wildflowers are purpose grown on a farm right here in the UK.
They are handpicked to minimise bruising & air dried naturally so the petals keep their colours beautifully with no dyes added.
There's a lot of time, care & hard work goes in to create our luxury wedding confetti.
These are real dried delphinium & wildflower petals.
The petals are pesticide-free, the colours are natural (no dye added) & the confetti is naturally perfumed.
They're better for the environment & are generally accepted by churches / venues.

The delphinium & wildflower petals are a small sized petal that are super light-weight making them particularly perfect for use as throwing confetti.

The Delphinium & Wildflower Petal Colours (2019)

Delphinium & Wildflower Confetti Colour Chart

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