Loose Confetti Petals Packaging

Over the course of 2019 we have gradually transitioned over to recyclable plastic bags for all our no-frills, loose confetti bags. This means that all the following products are now sent out in plastic bags that can be recycled:

Mini Sample Sachets

1 Litre (no frills)

5 Litres

10 Litres

15 Litres

Confetti Envelopes

Clear Envelopes in Biodegradable Plastic

The clear envelopes are made in the UK from PLA (vegetable starches- potato, sugar beet etc) & are fully biodegradable & compostable.

Biofilm is a natural product designed to compost at end of use ... but this does mean they have a shelf-life. As with the petals, the envelopes should last for a year (or longer provided they are stored carefully). We recommend they be kept away from high temperatures and humidity as this will encourage biodegrading.