With more & more wedding venues prohibiting the use of traditional tissue wedding confetti, dried petals have become an increasingly popular choice by brides.

Dried petals are eco-friendly ... they're 100% natural & biodegradable making them a great alternative to traditional wedding confetti.

This range of dried petals & confetti mixes are perfect for brides on a budget. Plus, we also offer some budget confetti mixes using our budget petals along with some of our luxury petals - allowing you to get a touch of luxury at a fraction of the cost. 

Our budget petals are ideal for use as throwing confetti.

Meet the budget petal range...

The budget confetti petals make a great alternative to the more expensive, luxury petal wedding confetti. Why are they cheaper than other confetti? In general, the budget petals tend to be a little more brittle than a luxury dried petal & as such don't retain their petal shape the same as other products - the petals can be broken pieces rather than full petals, they may be heavier so will fall faster & there may be a bit more dustiness in the bag too (we strive to remove as much of this as possible prior to sending, but this is part of the nature of the product) ... they still work great as confetti & retain the eco-friendly perks of dried petal confetti. They're eco-friendly, 100% natural & biodegradable & widely accepted by churches & venues. Perfect for brides on a budget.

Air-dried Rose Petals ...

Our air-dried rose petals are usually sourced from Pakistan / India. The air dried rose petals are one of the more brittle types of petal. They are mostly broken pieces rather than whole petals (most are around 1cm x 1cm across). They have stunning bold colouring & are highly fragrant.

The air dried rose petals work equally well on their own or mixed with other petals.

Jasmine Petals ...

Our jasmine petals are sourced from an organic tea plantation in China. A family business established for five generations. Yes, they are originally intended for use as tea! But we think they work just as fabulous as wedding confetti. Please note: our petals are not intended for food use.

Jasmine petals are small (most are around 1cm x 0.5cm) with a delicate, ivory / pale yellow colouring & natural fragrance.

Jasmine petals may  be used on their own for a rustic petal confetti, but we think the jasmine petals are perfect for creating a confetti mix along with other petals.

Lavender ...

Our lavender is sourced either from a family farm in Yorkshire, UK or Provence, France - depending on the time of year & availability.

Lavender throws similar to rice as confetti.

The lavender grain is highly fragranced & has a delicate blue / lilac colouring & works equally well on its own or mixed with other petals.

Heather ...

Tiny pink heather buds that measure around 1-2mm across are particularly good mixed in with other petals.

Marigold (Calendula) Wildflower Petals ...

Our Marigold (also known as Calendula) petals are usually sourced from India, Pakistan or China.

Marigold petals have a vibrant golden yellow / orange colouring. Marigold petal sizing is roughly around 2cm in length x 0.5cm width (they have a long thin shape). They are highly fragrant & are best mixed with other petals (they tend to clump together if they are on their own). Creating stunning confetti mixes with vibrant flashes our colour.

Cornflower Wildflower Petals ...

Our Cornflower petals are also usually sourced from India, Pakistan or China.

Cornflower petals are very small, whispy petals. We have two colours of cornflower petal available - deep red or blue. We recommend cornflower petals for mixing with other petals. They are the perfect addition to create a petal confetti with a rustic appearance.

Volume of Petals ...

The petals are measured in litres.

They're measured in a good old fashioned kitchen measuring jug ... loosely filled with petals to the 1/2 litre or 1 litre mark (they are not pressed down as this will damage the petals) & gently tipped into its packaging ready for dispatch.

Why are they measured in litres rather than weight?

Petals vary in weight depending on their type, size & other factors can influence the weight too, so volume is a much more reliable measurement.

How much confetti will I need?

1 litre will fill around 10 standard confetti cones (or 10 handfuls) ... depending on how generous you want to be.

Standard cones are roughly around 17 cm tall x 5 cm across the opening at the top - they hold around 100ml volume.

How much confetti will I need?

FYI ...If you already have your cones, you can test the volume by filling with a dried food (such as rice) & tipping into a measuring container to read the volume.

Please be aware if you are purchasing flat-packed manufactured cones for DIY assembly, these are often quite large - so will require more petals to fill (sometimes they require 50-100% more volume to fill).

As a guide - generally only around half the guests throw confetti (usually the ladies!)

Storage of Petals ...

Dried petal confetti will normally keep for up to one year ... but they must be stored carefully. We advise they be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct light. The important thing to bear in mind is that the light will fade your petals & humidity encourages the petals to biodegrade.

Did you know we offer a Pre-Order Service?

If you're looking to purchase your petals now, but your wedding's not for a few months, you can ask us to delay dispatch & we'll post your petals 4 weeks prior to your wedding date (or 8 weeks if you're international). That way you can tick a job off the list without having to worry about storage of your petals & you'll know that you'll have 'fresh' petals that look great on your big day.

Full details of our Pre-Order Service is available via this link.