How much confetti will I need?

Posted by Nichola on 1/15/2019 to Petal Information
Probably my most frequently asked question from wedding couple's is how much confetti will they need & how many of their guests should they provide confetti for?

Dried Petal Company - Confetti Calculation Guide 

The confetti volume will be influence by the size of the petal (smaller petals have different guidance to larger ones)

SMALLER PETALS - such as the Delphinium & Wildflower confetti mixes & also the Air-dried Rose Petal confetti. These are more traditionally used as throwing confetti. The guidance for these:

1 litre will fill around 10 standard confetti cones (or 10 handfuls) ... depending on how generous you want to be.

Standard cones are roughly around 17 cm tall x 5 cm across the opening at the top - they hold around 100ml volume.
FYI ...If you already have your cones, you can test the volume by filling with a dried food (such as rice) & tipping into a measuring container to read the volume.
Please be aware if you are purchasing flat-packed manufactured cones for DIY assembly, these are often quite large - so will require more petals to fill (sometimes they require 50-100% more volume to fill).

LARGER PETALS - such as our Freeze-dried Rose Petal confetti
These are multi-functional so it will depend on your intended use - here's our general guidance:

Table decoration
1 litre of petals will create a light sprinkling over up to 5 tables seating around 8-10 guests depending on how generous you want to be.

Flower girl basket
Approx 1-2 litres depending on the distance she'll be scattering petals over.

Aisle scattering
For a light sprinkling each side of aisle allow around 1 litre per metre.
For a light sprinkling across whole width of aisle allow around 2 litres per metre.

Throwing confetti
1 litre of petals will provide a generous handful for 5-7 guests (or 5-7 cones)

One question that I'm frequently asked, is what proportion of the guests to cater for when calculating confetti volume. This is a tricky one to answer - although, you can usually guarantee that not all of your guests will participate in confetti throwing, so it's not necessary to cater for the full quantity of guests - this we can easily agree upon. However, you know your guests better than I do ... you can probably run through your guest list & estimate who will participate & who will not! Lets face it, some will find it 'uncool' or something for the ladies!!!
As a guide - it's generally only around half the guests that throw confetti (not wanting to appear sexist, but it's usually the ladies!). From working with lots of brides & wedding couples, I know that some are reluctant to under-estimate the confetti volume by 50% so you need to decide how you feel about this one & make the best choice for you & your guests.