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Heart Confetti Baubles with Delphinium Dried Petal Confetti - Sample, Set of 10, 20 or 50
Heart Confetti Baubles with Delphinium Dried Petal Confetti

Heart Confetti Baubles with Delphinium Dried Petal Confetti - Sample, Set of 10, 20 or 50

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  • Fully Assembled Purchase Option:Please allow 5-10 business days for crafting
  • DIY Purchase Option:Please allow 1-3 business days for processing

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Confetti Colour
Heart shaped confetti baubles with delphinium petal confetti.
A cute, novelty way to present your wedding confetti to your guests. Clear heart shaped bauble with dried delphinium & wildflower petal confetti in your choice of colour. The baubles are perfect for hanging on a twig tree (or even a Christmas tree) at your wedding venue for guests to help themselves.
Each bauble holds enough for a small handful of dried petal confetti.

Clear heart shaped plastic baubles that measure approx 65mm across the widest point. The baubles are made up of two halves which connect together.
The baubles come with organza ribbon which threads through a loop in the top of the bauble for hanging.

Purchase Options:
We offer two methods of purchase with our confetti baubles:
Fully Assembled
Let us do the work for you & receive the baubles fully assembled & ready for use.
DIY Assembly
A cheaper option - supplies all the pieces - the empty baubles (in two parts), a bag containing the delphinium & wildflower confetti in your choice of colour & the ribbons for hanging. We include 1 fully assembled bauble for you to use as an example to guide you.

Your purchase options on this listing -
Available to purchase individually if you wish to view a sample prior to placing an order. Sample baubles come filled with your choice of Delphinium & Wildflower dried petal confetti & a discount coupon which can be used if you go on to place an order with us.
Set of 10
Set of 20
Set of 50

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