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Grab some Vintage while you can!!!

Posted by Nichola on 1/10/2019 to Special Offers

Due to issues with harvest we have had to temporarily discontinue 3 of our delphinium colours (Oh no!!!!).
This means Iced Blue, Iced Blue / Vanilla & Vintage will not be available to purchase until around July/August 2019.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The good news is ... we have a small amount of the Vintage confetti mix remaining. One of our best-sellers, Vintage is a pastel mix of pink & blue with rustic cream delphinium petals.  Available to purchase in quantities of 1 Litre (bulk buy sizes not available).
If you're not getting married just yet - but love the Vintage confetti mix & want to grab some while you can (and who could blame you) just remember:
The dried delphinium petal confetti will normally keep for up to one year so long as it's stored carefully. We advise the petals be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct light. The light will fade your petals & humidity encourages the petals to biodegrade.

The Vintage delphinium petal mix (pastel blue & pink with rustic cream)

Vintage - From the Delphinium & Wildlower Dried Petal Confetti Range

To purchase the Vintage mix, while stocks last, click here

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