Delphinium Petals

The delphinium flowers are purpose grown on a farm right here in the UK. They are handpicked to minimise bruising & air dried naturally so the petals keep their colours beautifully with no dyes added. There's a lot of time, care & hard work goes in to create our luxury wedding confetti. These are real dried delphinium petals that are pesticide-free, the colours are natural (no dye added) & the confetti is naturally perfumed. They're better for the environment & are generally accepted by churches / venues.

Some of our delphinium confetti colour mixes are created from delphinium petals mixed with other wildflower petals (such as marigold / calendula or cornflower). Our wildflower petals are not UK grown, they are imported - you can refer to the description on each item listing for full details on the content of each of the colour mixes.

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